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Runner’s MOT – £60

This is an in depth running specific assessment designed for clients who are new to running or for the non-injured runner who is considering either an increase in mileage or intensity in training.  The appointment will start with a thorough history taking, including a full medical and injury history, discussion of your current training schedules and current and future goals.  You will then be taken through a series of running specific, functional and dynamic tests to highlight areas where there is either a restriction in joint motion or a lack of muscle strength.  Video gait analysis will then be carried out.

There is a normal posture for the feet, knees, hips and back at any point of the running cycle and video gait analysis enables us to study any abnormal movements of both muscles and joints as the body moves. You will be able to see for yourself how you run, helping you to understand your particular problems, why they exist and how they can be treated and prevented.  Following the assessment recommendations will be made with regard to footwear choice and strengthening and stretching exercise program. Where appropriate, referral to physiotherapists, sports doctors or running coaches/personal trainers will be made.