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Can you walk after nail surgery?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably considering having nail surgery for an ingrown toenail and you want to know “can you walk after nail surgery?”

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So, can you walk after nail surgery?  The short answer is YES! You can walk straight after nail surgery.

Nail surgery is a great, curative option for an ingrowing toenail that recurs time and time again. Generally people have all sorts of anxiety about what will happen during the procedure, what the pain level will be like during and after, and what the toe will look like.

These are all totally common and normal concerns to have about what is minor surgery, albeit a very common procedure for an experienced podiatrist.

Now that you know you will be able to walk afterwards, let’s just cover off a couple of questions related to how your toe will feel since you’re probably wondering…

Although you’ll be able to walk, your toe will remain numb for a few hours due to the local anaesthetic we use to block the pain. Once this anaesthetic wears off you may feel some slight discomfort in the toe. This is completely normal and we recommend taking some painkillers if you need to.

We also recommend taking it easy for the rest of the day and putting your foot or feet up. HINT: This is a great chance to get someone else to do the running around and bring you cups of tea!

Lastly, try to avoid footwear that will be pushing on the affected toe (open toed shoes are great) as this will help the healing process.  Head to our blog on “How long does it take to recover from nail surgery?” to hear about this next stage.

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