Corns and Callus

What is it?

Callus is an area of thickened, hard skin that develops over an area of excessively high pressure or friction.  It forms as a protective response to these excessively high forces, so is your body’s natural defence mechanism.  These areas of high force normally occur due to an underlying problem such as a bony deformity, inappropriate footwear or a particular style of walking. Corns are also caused by excessively high pressure or friction, especially over bony areas such as a joint. Corns differ from callus as they have a nucleus (a central core) which generally causes more pain than callus. There are different types of corms including hard-corns, soft corns and seed corns.

How is it treated?

It is best not to try and treat these problems at home yourself especially if you’re elderly, diabetic or have vascular problems. Your podiatrist will be able to treat these painful lesions painlessly and safely, and discuss with you how they can be prevented.