Baby Feet

Curly toes

The main symptom is the visible curling of one or more toes underneath the next toe(s). This may not cause any other symptoms but you might notice that your child is developing areas of hard skin on the sole of the foot, having difficulty with wearing some styles of shoes or finding suitable shoes that fit properly.
Curly toes are caused by the tendon running underneath the toe being too tight and pulling the tip of the toe underneath the next toe and towards the sole.  It is not known exactly what causes this tightening, but it has been noted that the condition can affect several generations, which implies that it is passed on from parent to child (inherited).  It is one of the more common foot problems in childhood.

How is it treated?

  • Up to 50% of cases will resolve without treatment by the age of 4
  • Specially made silicone splints, made by the Podiatrist, can be useful to help straighten the toes
  • In severe cases, surgery is indicated