Smelly feet

Smelly Feet

What causes smelly feet?

Bromhidrosis is the medical term for excessively smelly feet.  As your feet sweat, secretions from the body are also released which mixes and reacts with bacteria that live on your skin, causing an offensive odour.

How are smelly feet treated?

There are two important factors when treating smelly feet.  Firstly, it is important to keep the skin as dry as possible and secondly to keep the number of naturally occurring bacteria to a minimum.  It is important that you always wear socks made from natural fibres, as these will absorb sweat from your feet, it is also important to change your socks regularly (as many times as required to ensure dry feet).  Also never wear the same pair of shoes for 2 days in a row, this allows your shoes to dry out properly between uses.

Try and buy shoes made from mesh or natural materials like leather, as these breathe, allowing for the perspiration to evaporate more effectively.   Follow a simple daily routine of good foot hygiene including washing your feet with anti-bacterial soap and using a small amount of foot powder.