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What are Verrucae?

Verrucae, or plantar warts, are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toes.  HPV is highly contagious and is passed on through person to person contact.  It is possible to contract the virus simply by walking barefoot in places such as swimming pools or communal changing areas, where the virus thrives.  Verrucae are not dangerous but they can be painful to walk on, especially if they develop on areas of the foot that takes a lot of weight.

How are Verrucae treated?

As always, prevention in better than the cure.  If you are using communal changing rooms, wear flip flops.  If you do develop a verruca, don’t worry too much, in many cases they will resolve without treatment.  If you develop a verruca and it is painful or unsightly, there are many ways to treat it. There are self-treatments are available from the pharmacy, some caution should be used when using these and always read and follow the instructions.  If self-treatment has failed then see your Podiatrist who can discuss your treatment options which may include the use of caustics, cryotherapy, electro-therapy or needling.