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Footcare for good foot health is important to living a happy, healthy and active life.

Many foot conditions such as corns, hard skin, verrucae and ingrowing toenails can impact on your mobility and quality of life and can be prevented with good footcare.  We offer a comprehensive range of footcare treatments in Edinburgh and Perth to effectively and safely help you with your foot problems.  So, whether you can’t manage your own foot care, have a painful corn or ingrowing toenail or simply want to give your feet a pamper, you can rely on us to get you walking on air.

What to Expect

At Footcare Scotland we aim to raise the bar of Podiatry provision.  We adhere to strict standards of practice, treating all of our clients with respect, dignity and care.  When you attend the clinic, one of our Podiatrists will take a detailed medical history, followed by conducting a thorough foot examination including, where appropriate, a neurological and vascular assessment.

Following assessment, all of your footcare treatment options will be explained to you clearly, and we will agree a treatment plan to best meet your individual needs.  Treatment, if appropriate, will be offered at the initial consultation to start you on your journey to good foot health.


  • Initial Podiatry assessment & treatment
  • Routine Podiatry Treatment
  • Medical Pedicure
  • Nail surgery
  • Verrucae needling

Common Conditions

There are many foot problems that we are trained to diagnose and treat.

Click below to view the most common conditions in both adults and children.