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Footcare and good foot health are important to living a happy, healthy and active life.  Many painful foot conditions such as ingrown toenails and corns can impact on your mobility as well as your quality and enjoyment of life.  Our friendly HCPC registered Podiatrists/Chiropodists are here to effectively and safely treat your foot issues.  All of our treatments are carried out in our clean, comfortable and relaxing surroundings.   We offer a comprehensive range of treatments so whatever your foot complaint, we can help.

What to Expect at Footcare Scotland

We aim to raise the bar of Podiatry and Chiropody provision.  Our Podiatrists/Chiropodists adhere to strict standards of practice, treating all of our clients with respect, dignity and care.

When you attend the clinic, we feel that it is important that you feel relaxed, comfortable and are not rushed. Our Podiatrists/Chiropodists will take a detailed medical history, followed by conducting a thorough foot examination including, where appropriate, a neurological and vascular assessment.

Following the assessment, all of your treatment options will be explained to you clearly, and we will agree a treatment plan to best meet your individual needs and expectations.  Treatment, if appropriate, will be offered at the initial consultation to start you on your journey to good foot health.

What conditions can a Podiatrist/Chiropodist help with?

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Corns and hard skin
  • Surgery for ingrown toenails
  • General foot care
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Medical Pedicure
  • Verrucae
  • Toe nail cutting
  • Fungal nail and skin conditions
  • Cracked dry heels
  • And more.....

How can our Podiatrist/Chiropodist help?

Our Podiatrists/Chiropodists are experts at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of foot related issues.  Rest assured when you come to the clinic, you are in safe hands.  We offer routine care of all common skin and nail complaints.  From ingrown toenails to corns, callus, fungal infections, verrucae and unsightly cracked heels.

We also offer quick access to a safe and effective nail surgery service for the removal of ingrown toenails.  It may sound painful but our team have successfully carried out hundreds of these procedures.  It is carried out under local anaesthetic so you don't feel a thing!

If you are looking for a real treat, why not try our signature Medical Pedicure?  A relaxing treatment finished off with luxurious warm wax and foot rub.  Your feet will look and feel like new!

Nail Surgery for ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are painful, unsightly and can prevent you from getting on with day to day life.  We often have patients coming to us who have put up with ingrown toenails for weeks, months or even years. They have been through multiple courses of antibiotics but have actually never tackled the cause of the problem.  Don't suffer any longer, read on and discover how we can help resolve your painful ingrown toenail.