How much does it cost to see a private Podiatrist in Edinburgh?

Private podiatry treatment is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and flexibility of the services available.  We are private Podiatrists in Edinburgh and offer expert care and always put our patients at the centre of everything we do.

With NHS services stretched, you may not qualify for NHS treatment or face long waiting lists to be seen. It is in these situations where private podiatry becomes an invaluable and essential service.


Routine Podiatry

Routine Podiatry includes taking care of any nail or skin issues that you may have.  This would include the assessment and treatment of ingrown toenails, corns or hard skin.  An initial appointment is 45-minutes and costs £55.  This includes taking a full medical history, discussing any problems or concerns you may have with your feet and working out an appropriate treatment plan to suit your individual needs. This can range from a one-off appointment to ongoing podiatry treatment at regular intervals. If you require a follow up appointment, they are priced at £45.

Sports/Musculoskeletal Podiatry

In addition to our routine podiatry treatments, we specialise in treating musculoskeletal issues of the foot and ankle.  This would include any tendon, muscle or joint injury. This specialist assessment is priced at £70 for the initial appointment and then follow-up appointments are £40. From this, you can be guaranteed expert treatment and advice with an aim to reduce your symptoms and optimise your lower limb function and performance, long term.  You can read more about these services HERE.

Nail Surgery

Another of our specialist services is nail surgery for treatment of ingrown toenails.  Nail surgery offers you a cure for your painful ingrown toenail forever.  We have covered the benefits of this procedure and how much this costs in a separate blog which you can read by clicking HERE

If you are looking for expert care by friendly, professional Podiatrists in clean, safe and comfortable surroundings with free parking, then make an appointment at your next convenience and let us know how we can help you.