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How much does nail surgery cost?

If this is a question you are considering, you are probably suffering from a painful ingrown toenail.  With long NHS waiting lists perhaps you are considering private treatment.  But what does nail surgery cost?


Put simply, the cost of nail surgery starts at £295. This is the cost of the procedure on one nail and any additional nails will incur a higher cost. The nail surgery package includes the nail surgery procedure, 2 follow up appointments and the dressings for looking after your toe at home.


If you are a new patient to the clinic you will first need to attend for an initial assessment. This allows the Podiatrist to assess your presenting complaint, discuss your options and assess your suitability for the procedure. This is often useful as it allows you to explore your options, ask any questions you may have and agree on what the next steps are for resolving your problematic toe nail.

Private vs. NHS – why would I pay for nail surgery?

The cost is a reflection of the skills and knowledge required to carry out nail surgery safely, and effectively. It is also a highly convenient service as waiting times are likely to be far less compared to the NHS.  We can offer increased flexibility in terms of which date or time suits your needs. Often NHS services run nail surgery clinics only on certain days of the week, whereas a private appointment could offer you any week day, or even a Saturday. Finally, there is an increased likelihood you will feel more comfortable and at ease. By the time the day of the procedure comes around, you will have met the team looking after you and will have had a chance to explain any concerns and form a professional relationship. Therefore, both the client and the podiatrist have a better idea of the presenting complaint and the goals of the patient.


To summarise, nail surgery could be a simple and effective, long-term solution for your painful nail. Why suffer any longer than is necessary because of waiting lists? Make an appointment at your next convenience and let us find a solution for you.

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