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Footcare Scotland are focused on superb customer service. Our team pride themselves on providing a high quality, professional and friendly service, designed around our customers needs. Our client testimonials reflect our commitment for excellence.


“Alastair provided clear and detailed information, helping me to make an informed decision about how best to proceed. He’s really good at explaining things and I appreciate his honesty. He helped me to feel at ease and I’m really glad I came to see him. He’s clearly very good at his job. Thank you!”

S. Kay

“Exceptional knowledge, excellent communication and fantastic service. By far the best podiatrist I’ve seen as both a health professional and client.”

M. Gilmore


“A calm, welcoming environment. Assessment was unhurried, combining a friendly manner with highly professional commentary. Every aspect of the assessment was clearly explained and choices of treatment were presented with complete objectivity.”

A. Braidwood


“Excellent service for a procedure that I’m sure is a bit nerve wracking for some, including myself; turned out to be easy peasy! Put at ease straight away, and very well looked after. Many thanks

M. Scott


“Had a medical pedicure. It was lovely having the hard skin removed from my feet by a scalpel which was painless. Followed by a paraffin wax moisturiser which was lovely and warm and helped soften my feet. Olivia gave me plenty of advice on how to care for my feet.”

S. Dowdalls


“As always first class service from Alastair.  His treatments always work wonders for me and my feet?? A cup of coffee whilst getting treatment just adds to the experience”

M. Dewar


“Very professional service, clear explanation throughout of both current conditions and future actions. Use of cutting edge technology reflects the very high standards on offer here.
I would and will highly recommend.”

D. Mackay


“What a relief to get such great service, advice and product for the problems I had with plantar fasciitis in my feet. The pain I was experiencing was excruciating and I was worried that the pain was not going to go away. After an informative consultation with advice on exercises then trying out modified insoles to good success and finally specially fitted insoles, I am well on the road to recovery and can manage a full day’s work again!  I was impressed also with the good communications regarding appointments, and the caring attitude of Alastair. Many thanks!”

S. Sutherland


Delighted with the friendly and very helpful advice received from Alastair following an injury to my foot. He came highly recommended and I would certainly recommend him to anyone needing to see someone about a running injury in the future. Excellent follow-up from him too,including advice on how to start training again after being injured.”

K. Leese

I was introduced to Alistair through my wife who had seen him for very successful treatment on her flat arches.
After too many reoccurring calf injuries I decided to see Alistair. Very professional and friendly who very quickly assessed what my problems were. I’m a relatively new runner after coming from a cycling back ground and certain muscle weakness around my hips was the main cause. Alistair assessed me physically and on the treadmill and soon became apparent what my problems were. I now have a strength exercises to perform and and walk to run plan to follow. Feel very assured working with Alistair in this and I’m sure I’ll make a strong return to running. I will certainly recommend Alistair to all my running friends and to anybody I know who is having problems. Very impressed!!!!

R. Tully


“I came to see you earlier this year for new orthotics as I experienced discomfort in my big toe joints when running bigger distances. I was thinking of entering my first Ultra marathon.  This weekend, I completed the Ultra Tour of Monte Rosa, as a stage race, running 116km with 8300m of ascent and descent, in just under 26 hours total.  I could not have done this without your expertise and brilliant care of my feet. They were comfortable for all but the last few, when everything was hurting anyway. Thank you ever so much for your invaluable contribution to my success!”

L. Millichamp


“I made an appointment having been suffering from pain in my toes when hillwalking.  Alastair asked a series of questions and performed some physical tests before coming to his diagnosis of Morton’s Neuroma.  What particularly impressed me was the way that he took the time to explain to me what this is and how it is caused, using 3D graphics on an iPad, so that I understood the problem.  (Basically the irritation of a nerve between the toe bones).  He then explained the treatment options, and we went for orthotic footbeds with a pad that spreads the forefoot, relieving the pressure on the nerve.  My foot problem has been resolved.  I highly recommend Alastair on account of his efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment, his excellent patient communication, and value for money”

C. Marden


“Highly recommended! Sought advice as I was suffering from posterior tibial tendon issues and also IT band pain. Sound advice, strengthening exercises to try combined with rehabilitation programme and absolutely amazing custom made insoles! I am now running pain free ….Thank you Alastair!”



Sports Podiatry Scotland offers a professional, thorough and friendly service. After one consultation, Alastair diagnosed and explained my condition prescribing orthotics and stretching exercises. A follow up appointment followed to check my progress and as a result I no longer have pain when running. Alastair has a great knowledge of sports related injuries and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services”.

J. McCulloch


“Have just completed my treatment with Alastair and I am very happy with the outcome. My problem tendon has been made more bearable by the use of orthotics to be worn inside my shoes and designed by Alastair. New shoes have been purchased, and all seems well. I can now walk without pain! Will go on the golf course soon and hopefully all will be well. Alastair provided a first class service rounded off by his first class manner.”

I. Smith


“Fantastic to find a podiatrist with such wide ranging knowledge of sport and sports related injuries. The time at his clinic was first class and the pain has gone, from meaning walking was hard, to now having no pain and back enjoying sport. I would highly recommend Alastair to anyone with running related injuries.”

G. Robertson


“My experience has been both positive and beneficial. Having been a keen runner for the last 25 years, I have developed hallux limitus, which is a degenerative condition of the big toe. With the expert advice and guidance from podiatrist Alastair Dall however, I am back running regularly a few weeks after thinking I would never run again.  I now have a specially made sole glued to the sockliner of my running shoe which alters the movement of the toe allowing pain-free running. For any athlete with persistent and frustrating foot problems, I would strongly recommend a consultation.”

N. Murray


“Great service and follow up. Very thorough analysis which aided diagnosis. Hip pain has gone after running with aid of a heel lift on one foot. Thoroughly recommend as combined with physio it enabled me to compete in World Masters final at the Word masters athletics championships.”

L. Rogers