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Foot & Ankle Pain

We understand that foot & ankle pain can impact on many aspects of your life and can stop you from doing the activities that you love.

We pride ourselves in providing a professional and friendly service, designed around your individual goals and expectations.

Our experienced Podiatrists offer a comprehensive range of treatments aimed to get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.  So whatever your foot problem, take the first step to being pain free and contact us today.

What to Expect

Our Podiatrists and Orthopaedic Surgeons can help anyone with foot and ankle pain.  We pride ourselves in providing up to date, evidenced based assessments and treatments.

This enables us to accurately diagnose your problem and put in place an individualised treatment plan.  We take a holistic approach to treatment, that is focused on your individual goals and expectations.

We work very closely with local Physiotherapists, to ensure that you are seen by the right specialist at the right time in your rehabilitation and can return to your chosen activity quickly, safely and pain free.

What we can help with?

  • Plantar fasciitis and heel pain
  • Pain in the ball of your foot
  • Pain in the top of your foot
  • Painful flat feet
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Stiff, painful big toe joints
  • Pain in your toes
  • Pain under the big toe joint
  • Bunions
  • Hammer toes
  • And much more.....

How we can help?

We utilise many different treatments to help resolve your foot and ankle pain. This may include:

  • Rehabilitation and home exercise programs
  • Custom or pre-made orthotics and insoles
  • Steroid injections
  • Footwear advice and modifications
  • Load management strategies and activity modification
  • Foot and ankle surgery

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are special medical devices that are worn in your shoes. We regularly use Orthotics to successfully treat many common foot, ankle and lower limb injuries.

They are also used to improve the mobility and comfort, as well as reducing the risk of foot complications, in patients with Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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