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Ingrown toenails

At Footcare Scotland, we specialise in the treatment of ingrown toenails including nail surgery.  It may sound scary but this safe, simple and quick procedure will cure your ingrown toenail forever.

Ingrown toenails are painful, unsightly and can prevent you from getting on with day to day life.  We often have patients coming to us who have put up with ingrown toenails for weeks, months or even years. They have been through multiple courses of antibiotics but have actually never tackled the cause of the problem.  Don't suffer any longer, read on and discover how we can help resolve your painful ingrown toenail.

What is Nail Surgery?

Nail surgery is a quick, safe and simple procedure that will cure your ingrown toenail forever.  This will allow you to walk pain free, wear the shoes you want to wear and to take part in the activities that you love.

This minor surgery is carried out painlessly, under local anaesthetic.  The whole thing is over and done with from start to finish in around 15-20 minutes.

Our expert Podiatrist have carried out hundreds of successful ingrown toenail procedures, so be assured, you are in expert hands.

What is the process?

First of all, you will need to attend an assessment appointment.  At this appointment, the Podiatrist will take a full medical history, examine your toe and explain all of your treatment options to you clearly.  These may include self care, regular conservative treatment by the Podiatrist or nail surgery.

If nail surgery is required you will be given the time and further information required to make the best decision for you.  If you decide you would like to proceed with nail surgery, a date for the procedure will be arranged.

We promise that the procedure is nothing to worry about.  We have carried out hundreds of successful nail surgeries, and we will make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible on the day.  Our clinics are clean and comfortable and  you are welcome to bring a friend or family member for moral support.

Once the procedure has been carried out all of your after care will be taken care of.  This includes follow-up dressing appointments, dressing to take home and ongoing support until the toe has fully healed.

We have cured many people of their ingrown toenails with nail surgery. Here are just a few of examples:

"Fantastic service and professional care. 9yr old daughter with ingrown nail needed nail surgery. Without Footcare Scotland she would have been on a long NHS waiting list in significant pain. The problem was sorted within 7 days and after care included. Highly recommend"

LG, Edinburgh

"The care my daughter has received has been exemplary.  So kind, gentle and explained everything.  Really much appreciated as had bad experiences in the past.  Outstanding service"

LS, Perth

"Very professional, very friendly, made my toe procedure almost a pleasure! Highly recommended."

MS, Perth

"After suffering with a painful ingrown toenail I was delighted that Alastair was able help to quickly resolve the issue. Professional and well presented clinic. I would highly recommend"

LM, Perth

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