Ingrowing toenail nails surgery

Nail surgery for ingrown toenails

Nail surgery can cure your ingrown toenail forever. Ingrown toenails are painful, unsightly and can prevent you from getting on with day to day life.

We often have patients coming to us who have put up with ingrown toenails for weeks, months or even years. They have been through multiple courses of antibiotics but have actually never tackled the cause of the problem.

But here’s the truth

Nail surgery is a quick, safe and simple procedure that will CURE your ingrown toenails.

Where conservative treatment has failed, nail surgery is a really simple procedure that can cure your painful ingrown toenail.  This will allow you to walk pain free, wear the shoes you want to wear and to take part in the activities that you love.

This minor surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic. You’ll be made comfortable in our clean and relaxing clinics. And the whole thing is over and done with from start to finish in around 15-20 minutes.

So what’s the nail surgery process?

First the anaesthetic jag. Once it has taken effect (and we check this thoroughly), the affected section of nail will be removed. The we apply a chemical that stops the nail regrowing.  Where possible we only remove a small part of the nail. This means that when it has healed it looks as normal as possible.  Once the offending piece of nail has been successfully removed, a protective dressing will be applied and the operation is complete.

Are there any risks of nail surgery?

Yes, like any procedure, there are some risks. Complications are very rare and every care is taken to minimise them. These can include regrowth of the nail, infection and mild post-operative pain.

Generally speaking, our patients report very little discomfort after the operation or during the healing period.

Where there is discomfort, this can be controlled by the painkillers that you’d use if you had a headache. Before proceeding with the operation, your Podiatrist will fully explain the benefits and potential risks and complications with you.


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