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What causes pain in the ball of the foot?

pain in the ball of the foot

Pain in the ball of your foot can be frustrating and limit you from your normal activities. If you have pain in the ball of your foot you are not alone- this is something that we treat in clinic on a daily basis.  There are many conditions that can cause pain in the ball of…

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pain in the ball of the foot

The sesamoid bones are two small bones that sit directly underneath the big toe joint.  The bones themselves sit within a tendon and help the toe joint move correctly.  Sesamoiditis is a painful condition that affects these bones, and causes pain on the underside of the big toe joint.    What causes sesamoiditis?  The sesamoid bones can be…

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What is Moccasin Tinea Pedis?

tinea pedis

Moccasin tinea pedis is caused by a fungal infection of the skin on your feet.  It is a common cause of dry, itchy, scaly skin on the soles of the feet.  70% of the population may be affected by Athlete’s foot at some point in their life. People are most familiar with athlete’s foot between…

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Do Orthotics work?


Have you ever seen orthotics or insoles in people’s shoes and wondered “what do those actually do?”, “Do I need them?”, “Do they make a difference?”or “Do orthotics work?”. At Footcare Scotland, we specialise in the treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb musculoskeletal injuries.  We use orthotics (foot orthoses), where appropriate, to help manage…

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Steroid injections for plantar fasciitis- do they work?

Plantar fasciitis

Steroid injections for plantar fasciitis are a common treatment – but do they work?  Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition that presents as pain on the underside of the heel.  It is particularly sore first thing in the morning and after periods of inactivity.  It is a very common issue, and something that we…

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Nutrition and diet


At a recent sports medicine conference, I was lucky enough to listen to a lecture from esteemed sports medicine doctor, Dr. Peter Brukner.  He spoke about the effects of nutrition not only on sporting performance but on our general health.  He is passionate about reducing the amount of sugar that we eat and has set…

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How long does it take to recover from nail surgery? 

One of the things we get asked about most often when people are considering an operation for an ingrown toenail is, “how long does it take to recover from nail surgery?” We get it- you want life to be as normal as possible. You want to know you’re going to be able to walk, run, swim,…

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Can you walk after nail surgery?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably considering having nail surgery for an ingrown toenail and you want to know how much this procedure might impact your life straight after. If that’s you, you might want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Nail Surgery.   So, can you walk after nail surgery?  The short…

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What is the best way to treat a Morton’s neuroma?

Perth Orthopeadic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Morton’s neuroma is a condition affecting the foot.  It is caused when a nerve in the ball of the foot becomes irritated. The nerve becomes thickened, and this can lead to shooting/burning pains and numbness in the ball of the foot, sometimes extending into the toes. It is a very common condition and there a…

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Why do I have heel pain?

heel pain

If you are suffering from heel pain, you are certainly not alone!  Heel pain is a very common problem and affects around 10% of people. Sometimes it can be caused by a specific injury but most of the time it caused by repetitive stress. There are actually many conditions that could be causing your pain,…

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