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Nail surgery dressings

Dressing your toe after nail surgery: a step by step guide

Having a toenail removed can be a daunting thought but now you’ve had the procedure, you may be thinking ‘how do I look after my toe once I get home?’. Well, look no further as we’ve created a simple, step-by-step guide for your reference.


Removing the old dressing 

Carefully peel off the tape at the base of toe, and gently ease the dressing off from the bottom to the top of the toe. It should come off easily, however if this doesn’t happen then we recommend soaking the dressing in a basin of warm, salty water. This should soften the dressing and minimize any trauma to the wound site.  

Cleansing the wound 

Get a clean basin of warm, salty water and soak your foot for around 5 minutes. Dry your foot with a clean towel, avoiding the wound site as much as possible.  

Redressing the wound 

With washed hands, carefully open the packet of sterile, dry dressing (e.g. Melolin/Podlin). With minimal handling, place the dressing, shiny side down, onto the wound site.  

Gather a length of tubegauze onto an applicator. Place the applicator over the dry dressing and pull down the tubegauze to the base of the toe, ensuring the dressing stays in place over the wound site.  

 Bring the applicator back up away from the toe and twist it one and a half times.  Push the applicator back down over the toe, pulling the remainder of the tubegauze to the base of the toe.  

Securing the dressing

Peel the backing off the sticky tape and secure the tubegauze to your foot, trying to avoid any creases in the tape.  

This dressing can stay on for 2 days. Repeat this process until the toe has fully healed and there is no visible discharge on the dressings.  If you have any questions regarding nail surgery or how to re-dress your toe following nail surgery, please get in touch.