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Plantar fascia strapping

Plantar Fascia Strapping

Plantar fascia strapping can be a really effective way of managing your heel pain.

In this post we show you how you can do this at home.

Plantar Fascia strapping is something we use in clinic on a routine basis.  It can help reduce your pain in the short term and is also pretty easy to replicate at home.

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common cause of heel pain.  To find out more about Plantar Fasciitis, you can read our blog HERE

We recommend that you use 4cm Zinc Oxide tape which you can buy from most pharmacies.  It is a stiff tape and is very effective at reducing the load on your Plantar Fascia.  One word of caution, some people will have a reaction to Zinc Oxide tape, so if you develop a rash or irritation take the strapping off immediately.

To start, apply two anchor straps.  One round the border of the foot and one across the ball of the foot.  Then tear or cut 4-5 straps that will attach from the anchor strap across the ball of the foot to the heel.  Pull these quite tight but don’t stick them to the arch until all of them are on.  This will help support the arch.  Then take another two straps.  Attach them from the outside of the arch to the inside.  To finish off, apply the two initial anchor straps and you are done.

You can keep the strapping on for a few days at a time and replace as required.  It is best if you can keep it dry.  Long term use isn’t recommended as you may start to develop skin irritation.  We have prepared a video of the technique to make it easier to follow, let us know how you get on!

If you have Plantar Fasciitis and would like to book a consultation, you can do so HERE